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Spare Parts

Quill Shaft (die holder)

The quality and care with which we build the rotor are confirmed by the many machines that, still today, after more than thirty years, are working in numerous installations distributed all over the world.

  • The rotor is composed of Quill Shaft and shaft and it is the heart of the pellet mill; the quality and precision with which it is built is very important. The rotor, thanks to its mass, has a high moment of inertia (GD2) to absorb the considerable efforts of the pelleting process.
  • The quill shaft is built in two hot-keyed part. The flange in contact with the product is in stainless steel X46Cr13, tempered to improve the resistance characteristics against corrosion and abrasion.
  • The quality of the turning and milling processes is important because, thanks to the experience of our technicians, guarantees close dimensional tolerances and surface quality, but also guarantees shape tolerances: circularity, concentricity, parallelism, and perpendicularity.