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Animal feed Machinery

Pellet Mill CLM 630 XPERIENCE

The pellet mill CLM 630 XPERIENCE is the new innovation of La Meccanica, that can be integrated with an App and perform some important actions like downloading technical material, real-time monitoring, quick spare parts order, and much more.

Important characteristics of Pellet Mill 630 XPERIENCE

  • a more compact shape and elegant design,
  • reduced surface, which decreases dust access and makes cleaning easier,
  • more accessible inspection carters for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance,
  • new thermal insulation¬†of the conditioner and heating plates, that guarantee energy savings and high thermal inertia,an
  • air conditioner with an upward-opening for greater inspection ability.

The main advantages of using Pellet Mill XPERIENCE

  • control of the pelleting process
  • detection of energy consumption
  • analysis and research of production process optimization
  • scheduled management of ordinary maintenance